We started Steel solutions, so that we could do what we like best-build relationship with our exciting and innovative work. We see all of our client relationship as true partnership, where we work together to deliver impressive and lasting results.

Brunda Enterprises established by Mr.Manjunatha M.H. to meet the needs of Modern steel works and Fabrication assignments. The senior who started steel solutions have more than twenty years’ experience in the steel fabrication business. We are dedicated to being one of the leading organizations among the top steel companies. And we have the knowledge and experience necessary to address a wide range of projects.
We understand that we can best serve by having excellent personnel at all levels of our organization. From project managers to floor workers to sales staff, we have an organization full of people who can ensure quality installation. Our project gallery shows our work at its best, combining our skill with our client’s vision to create stunning buildings.
Brunda Enterprises is centrally located in Bangalore near Peenya 2nd Stage, Industrial area access the entire region, allowing us to easily work with clients in the city and suburb. Our 10000 square foot area has fabrication capabilities, so we can manufacture items and deliver them to project sites .Our full range of services can provide the steel solutions to your project needs.


Our most important service is the relationship we build with our clients. We believe in deep, long-term partnership that offers real give-and-take. We work best when we can be there for every phase of the project, from budget to design to the finished product.Our services cover pre-tender support, design engineering, estimation, full production drawings, fabrication, assembly, delivery, installation, post installation service. Qualified and experienced project manager’s co-ordinate these process to the satisfaction of the client.

We use our skills and experience to b ring your ideas to life. We have considerable experience with a wide range of projects, and we are always willing to push ourselves and expand the boundaries of what we can do. Technology cannot serve unless it is backed by quality. So we pursue the highest quality through every process of design, procurement, fabrication, and installation.


We will provide the highest quality services in the architectural cladding industry by :

  • Facilitating successful design through faithful application of technical expertise and experience.
  • Insuring the reputation and integrity of our clients by maintaining an objective balance between architectural and technical requirements.
  • Providing practical design solutions for all project challenges ranging from the typical and simple to most unique and difficult.
  • Facilitating more efficient means of design implementation.

We will provide the highest quality services in the architectural cladding industry.


  • Adaptability: We will remain sensitive to the individual and diverse need of our client’s, and we are committed to adapting our knowledge and experience to meet specific client requirements.
  • Confidentiality: We will honour the proprietary rights of our client’s intellectual property as developed in a highly specialized and competitive market.
  • Courtesy and Respect: We recognize and admire the hard earned expertise of our clients and we will show at all times our respect through a courteous and professional relationship.
  • Impartiality: We will endeavour at all times to utilize the best of our knowledge and experience for any design challenge, but in the need, the client preferences will always take the highest possible priority.
  • Innovation and Improvement: We will endeavour to keep an open mind be willing to accept new and innovative methods of design. We are eager to utilize the newest technology in the industry standards for the continued improvement of our client’s designs.
  • Integrity of design: We will faithfully apply sound engineering principles, tempered with practical experience, to provide the highest attainable design quality for our client’s.


With an in-house tern of engineering professional, we provide full system design, engineering and production drawings external Façade systems for low-rise to high-rise buildings. Brunda enterprises offer these specific services.

Value Engineering:

  • Existing system review for technical merit and compliance with all contract documents.
  • Full Project Engineering support.
  • Site inspections and site survey.
  • Fabrication/production drawings.
  • Material quantity’s take offs.
  • Investigation and identification of current and potential problems.
  • Recommendations for remedial corrective measures.


  • Material testing as per Indian strands.
  • Full system Mock-up review and summary.